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The Largest Digital Gathering for Advertisers, Marketers, Publishers, Digital Professionals, Medias & Ad Agencies in Africa.

The African Digital Summit introduces this year, in its 4th edition, a new space called « ADS Digital Garden ». It is a concept that aspires to enrich the components of the African Digital Summit with a technological dimension.

This space will be located in the Hayatt Forum, next to the big marquee. The ADS Digital Garden will help showcase Tech startups and innovations that can be of great value for advertisers who want to take their digital strategies one step further.

We have deliberately chosen a minimalist, refined and modern layout for this Space. We offer the field actors wishing to take part in ADG a reserved area of 2 metres by 2, outlined by an artificial grass. The spot also comes with 2 chairs, a table and a sign in the shape of tree with your logo on it. You are welcome to add a computer to your space, a screen or a rollup (0.80/2 mètre).

All your equipment should be approved by our teams beforehand.

Your Corner entitles you to two access passes to the Summit.

This space must be set up on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, which is one day prior to the beginning of the event

The ADG will be officially inaugurated at noon on the first day of the event and will be visited during both days (Passage required for anyone entering or leaving the Summit).

The names of the actors who have secured their space will be announced on the event’s website and social media.

Please contact us for more information or to reserve your space : [email protected] // 00212699001432